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If you need assistance or wish to volunteer please contact us using the form. 

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Connect Palmer operates 100% off community support.

Without you, nothing we do would be possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 


Thank you for your interest in working with Connect Palmer! Volunteers & Donations are a vital part of our success!

Here are some of the following areas that we are needing your help with:

  • Sewing Assistance: Join us during our sewing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sew with the girls as we prepare projects for the community, fundraising and outreach!

  • Transportation: Not all of the women who live at Sarah’s house have transportation, and at times may need more assistance that public transportation can provide. You can help by driving someone to a job interview, treatment, volunteering or church.

  • Mentors: Building a one-to-one relationship with women as a mentor! Training is provided.

  • Volunteer In Office: Have strong admin or organizational skills? Come help at our Palmer office once a week or once a month!

  • Companionship: We all need a friend! Schedule a time to come spend time at Sarah’s house with participants and whether it’s doing crafts, cooking or just talking, it is as simple as building relationships.

  • Join our online Facebook “Partner With Connect Palmer” to keep up with emergency requests!

  • Become A Monthly Donor: Our goal is to help build sustainability through monthly donors from our community. Please consider donating monthly by clicking below!

  • The Locker: Donations ideas for The Locker: (When Donating we request Average Family sizes, Trial sizes do not last families very long, and large economy sizes are harder to store) (Trial and sample sizes are accepted for our Homeless Locker Kits)

    *Toilet Paper
    Hand Soap
    Tooth Brushes-Adult & Children Tooth Paste
    Dental Floss
    Q tips
    Hand lotion
    Feminine Care
    *Razors – disposable

    Dish Soap
    Laundry Soap
    All Purpose Cleaners

    Diaper wipes

    Diapers call out List

    If you would willing to provide diapers for a family, we ask you add your name to a list for diaper call outs. Due to the great number of sizes of diapers and the space needed for stor- age, we would like to call volunteers at the time of need for a ‘diaper call out’ so that they could be purchased at the that time.

    *Highly requested items:

    Bibles; we would like to make a Bible available for anyone that requests one.

If you are wanting to volunteer, fill out and submit the Volunteer Application below.

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I could be available to help out:
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Practical Need Services
Financial Assistance:
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Check the boxes below in the community outreach events that may be coming up that you would be interested in being involved with.


We need your help to continue our mission! We are asking those interested in being a monthly supporter to click the link below, enter a monthly amount and click "monthly" to become an ongoing supporter.


Here at Connect Palmer, we have the “Locker” which has personal need/toiletry items.   It is stocked with toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, deodorant and the like.  To help get the word out, that this ministry is available, we are dropping off a bag of items at each of the apartments at the Palmer Arms.  Each bag will contain 2 rolls of TP, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, a bar of soap, and a couple miscellaneous trial size items.

We also accept the following: 

  • School supplies for kids from July - September. 

  • Christian literature and church information about local churches and ministries. 

  • Second hand jeans/denim and flannel shirts/fabric to make blankets for the homeless. Several volunteers are working off of a pattern to make these blankets and quilts for our homeless community in Palmer, AK. 

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Currently, many of our clients are needing budgeting advice, basic life skills training, and help with becoming job ready. They need someone to walk with them over time to help teach them to find and keep a job, handle money and learn new life skills. We have created and implemented our 3 week, full time God’s Work Design Program and have created an 18 week life skills program called Connect Life.

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