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God's Work Design

Connect Palmer operates 100% off community support.

Without you, nothing we do would be possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 


God’s Work Design - Work Ready Program

During the third Phase of their residential program, Sarah’s House Residents participate in God’s Work design - Work Ready Program

The Work Ready Program helps individuals to prepare for joining the local workforce. It consists of 3 weeks of work ready workshops and activities that include devotions, workshops, and job search.  Opportunities for Volunteering and job shadowing are also available for work experience and to reinforce a strong work ethic. We ask participants to treat it like a job and encourage professionalism, punctuality and self-discipline.

The participant will ‘Clock In’ from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Ready to work through a workbook and the Job Hunter’s Handbook. As each section is completed they will create a Reference Letter, Resume, Application, and a Cover letter.  

They will also receive interview prep,  and go through mock interviews, and tips on how to follow up and follow through.  Once the handbook is completed, the goal is for each participant to apply for no less than 30 jobs by the end of the three weeks. 

 Our heart and attitude toward work and being teachable are so important to getting and keeping a job, regardless of the level of job skills we possess. We put God into the center of the Job Search Process. 

 You can Help: Volunteering, some of our participants need more personal attention as they navigate the computer, some for the first time.  Looking for businesses to partner by creating job sampling or job shadowing opportunities. 

 We also need donations of ½” three ring binders, printer ink.